Going back to school can bring up many emotions for both kids and their parents. Saying goodbye to lazy days of summer and getting back to a schedule can be seen as a relief for some, for others it can bring up feelings of anxiety. Most kids have a normal amount of anxiety as the new year starts as they wonder who their teachers will be, ponder what to wear, who will they sit with at lunch and more. For some kids, the anxiety can be much greater than that and begin to take over their thoughts that leave them little time to relax.

For kids going away to college for the first time can cause a tremendous amount of stress. My busiest time of the year is over thanksgiving and christmas when my office is filled with kids from college that are stressed, anxious and not performing well. By learning how their minds work and teaching them powerful techniques they can start their school year off on the right foot.

I enjoy working with school age kids giving them tools based in psychology and neuroscience that will have them feeling more in control and learning how to relax to perform better overall. I love how quickly kids and teens adapt and implement what I show them and how it can make an incredible difference in their lives.

There are a few reasons why I enjoy working with kids for academic stress. The first is, kids and teens are naturally imaginative. This natural ability allows them to be more receptive to hypnosis and to allow changes to occur easily. Secondly, once I show them how to use their minds in this unique way they can implement it in any area of their life and at any time.

Learning early on that the unconscious mind automatically acts out patterns, images and beliefs whether they are good, bad or neutral can be very powerful. Many kids and adults come to me having been labeled with anxiety or believe that they are broken somehow. I love teaching them that through our lifetime the mind will pick up a pattern and then it is a habit. It does not mean that they are that pattern. I show them how to break it and develop better habits. This is called rewiring the brain in neuroscience and is one of the tools I teach.

Mindfulness is about learning to be more in the moment. Studies have shown that by teaching kids and teens a few mindfulness techniques can have them feeling more relaxed, in control and creative. What parent doesn’t want their child to feel that as they begin their school year?

The unconscious mind is powerful. Did you know the same mental dynamic that provokes fear and stress can also create calm and confidence? Neuroscience has proven that the mind reacts to vividly imagined experiences as if they were real. With a few techniques, your child can feel more in control and choose peace instead of anxiety.

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