“I just adore Nell Rose, I feel very fortunate to be coached by her. What I like about Nell Rose is she is very good at asking those powerful questions that you need to be asking yourself to bring about new perceptions and ideas to move forward in your life. I remember this one session, I was in a funk and she doesn’t dwell on the past and try and fix you, but she has some tools and techniques that she has learned. I was stuck,not seeing how I could move forward and succeed and she very gently calmed me down and within a couple of minutes of using her technique, she helped me to tap into what I would call my power center and re-experiencing a time when I was focused, confident and steady. I was able to take that feeling and move forward in my career and life in ways that I previously had not achieved. I can not recommend Nell Rose Phillips enough, so if you are looking for a good life coach you should check her out today!”