Nell Rose Phillips is a Certified Hypnotist of The National Guild of Hypnotists, the oldest, largest and most respected hypnosis accrediting organization in the world. She is Internationally trained and certified by Igor Ledochowski and the International Board of Conversational Hypnosis. She has training and certification in Medical Hypnosis. She is also certified in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming – a fast and easy way to make changes) and as a Life Coach.

I am always amazed with how powerful our minds really are.  We are capable of lowering stress, overcoming fears, healing our bodies and many other things if we are just showed how to accomplish this. I want to help people find that mind/body connection to gain more power over their lives and to live more peacefully.
I was first introduced to hypnosis as a child and in an unusual setting —my swim club. As a member of the diving team I was taught to use hypnosis for springboard diving. My coach actually conducted entire team practices without any of us touching the diving board or water once! He taught us to visualize each of our dives. It was a wonderful introduction to the awesome benefits that can be gained through the use of hypnosis.
The realization that we do not have to live with our own limiting beliefs is the first step in achieving true freedom and power over your own life. My goal is to help people understand that tools like hypnosis can help them make the changes they have been unable to achieve on their own. I believe that thought is the only limitation and also the ultimate key to wellness.