Nell Rose Foreman, CHT, BCC

Nell Rose Foreman  BCC, CHT – In her practice, Nell Rose helps her clients, to feel confident, secure, and in control of their thoughts and lives by designing customized programs to improve performance, using habit control and other modalities based in science to help them to reach their business and personal goals. She is a thought management expert, rapid change strategist and has dedicated her life to empowering her clients to see a new perspective, challenge beliefs that are not serving them, and create a life of their highest potential. She has a strong knowledge of marketing and online platforms and enjoys helping entrepreneurs and businesses acquire more customers.

Her skills in marketing and mind management has led her to be involved with several startups and to experience many intriguing events, such as partnering with NBC and QVC, playing laser tag with the creators of the Xbox and Garage Band, running her own Video Game Design Camp and hire staff in Vietnam. She is an Amazon International Best Selling author, a coach, speaker, instructor, and Co-Founder of a non-profit which is focused on World Peace, Women’s Rights, Religious Rights, and overall planetary sustainability. As the Executive Director of the Patrick McCollum Foundation, she has attended events at the United Nations, The Nobel Peace Laureates, and worked on projects with Jane Goodall and the Jane Goodall Institute. Nell Rose is also a dedicated mother to her five children and loves supporting and empowering them to lead their best lives.