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Sports Improvement

Sports Improvement

Using the power of positive thinking hypnosis in Philadelphia to unlock the subconscious mind


Improve your sport with hypnosisHow would you like to learn to get into “the zone” at will, increase your confidence and play a more consistent game? Learning and applying mental strategies and using hypnosis you can improve your game from the inside out.

As an athlete, you are looking for an edge over our opponent. No doubt You have spent countless hours and years developing your physical game, perfecting your technique, making your body stronger and faster, but most people ignore their greatest tool, their own mind is a mistake that you do not want to make.


Most athletes all agree that the mental side of their game is significant. But when asked, how much time do you spend developing and working on your mental game there is usually an uncomfortable moment of silence because the answer is usually very little or none

My goal when working with a client is to achieve the overall goal of steady improvement, consistent peak performance, creating your perfect competitive state and breaking through mental resistance that holds an athlete back. Together we will put together a process for you that will give you to the edge that you are looking for to succeed.

Take look at the information here on my mental strength program. I work with both adults and children.

You have invested in yourself and your sport, and now it is time to invest in a mental strategy.


Our business relationships always start with a free one-hour strategy session. This allows you to meet with the coach and experience the value of our work, and for us to best understand your needs and how to move your forward. To schedule, give me a call at 484-321-3204 or click the link below for the calendar.

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