Do you suffer from Anxiety or Panic attacks?

You don’t have to!

Hypnosis is an effective and easy treatment for both of these issues.   Anxiety is actually a hypnotic process. Most people when they experience anxiety get a feeling in their stomach or have a thought or some other symptom, then they begin looking for the next “proof” that they are having an attack. Such as increased heart rate or sweaty palms.  By breaking the neuro patterns of this process you can begin to shift and gain control.  My program is very successful in finding relief.

I use a blend of both the conscious and subconscious mind to break these patterns. You and I will discuss what your specific pattern looks like, what you are experiencing and then I will work with some NLP patterns with you.  Then we will do hypnosis to have you break the patterns with your subconscious mind. I will also give you tools to use at home.  By using the blend of conscious and subconscious work you actually begin to rewire your brain physically and change your patterns.

Most people find significant relief in 1-3 sessions. I would be happy to discuss this with you further 484•321•3204

Do you have Test Anxiety?

Hypnosis is a great way to overcome test anxiety! You do not have to suffer any longer.

Do you panic when you take tests? Have you gotten in a pattern where you are overwhelmed? I can help!  Perfect for everyday tests or the bigger tests -SAT, Accounting tests, MCAT, etc.  Why suffer when you don’t have to.  484•321•3204

Listen in on one of my clients here-


*Disclaimer – I can not guarantee specific results or make any promises of success. I can say that I will support you 100% and clients that work the program have the highest success.