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Nell Rose brings an unique approach to coaching that is highly effective! In my first few sessions with Nell Rose, I overcame – almost magically – deep seated fears about people and public speaking that I’d been holding for decades! And in the next few sessions, Nell Rose helped me discover new resources, clarify next steps, and follow through on tasks toward meeting my vision to help create a sustainable world for future generations. I’m going to hire Nell Rose again. So should you. I highly recommend Nell Rose!



Working with Nell Rose has already enabled me to look at my subconscious workings: what is there happening in my mind that I am not aware of; that which is driving my life. Already I have been able to drop some reactive, unproductive behavior, and I feel clearer and more productive. Brianna ~ Photographer.


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Nell Rose was a huge help to me in dealing with some inner-game issues related to my business. She helped me get clear on exactly what I needed to do to move forward and overcome these obstacles. And best of
all, she held me accountable to make sure that I took the action and got the desired results!

~ Paul West



I worked with Nell
Rose Phillips and through her amazing job of coaching she helped me make a major  transformation and perspective shift around my type 1 diabetes. I was thinking in a negative sense about my disease, Nell Rose brought awareness to how I felt about it and how this was disempowering me.
She used a technique that she is very versed in one where she retrains you mind with your muscles and emotions to work
together. In a rapid period of time I reframed my mind.


If you are struggling with something or ignoring something or have fears I would highly recommend working with Nell Rose. She is a great listener and took the time to understand my issue and to figure out the path that was best for me.

~Luke Anderson

Nell Rose was great to
work with, I enjoyed the visualization & anchor techniques and found value
in them that I will continue to use as I move forward!

~Rebecca David

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Working with Nell Rose helped me to break down my personal wall of resistance. She helped expose all of the lies I was telling myself and others that I used as protection. Nell Rose helped me to face and accept the truth that those lies were masking. Allowing myself and others to see my authentic self and to step into my own power.

While working with her for hypnosis to lose weight in Philadelphia, I lost 40 pounds, saved my marriage and she helped me discover my passion and a new career. Nell Rose showed me how to let life happen for me instead of to me, and for that I am forever grateful. Many thanks to you Nell Rose! I never would have been able to realize my potential without you.

~Frank Darwiki


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I just adore Nell Rose, I feel very fortunate to be coached by her. What I like about Nell Rose is she is very good at asking those powerful questions that you need to be asking yourself to bring about new perceptions and ideas to move forward in your life. I remember this one session, I was in a funk and she doesn’t dwell on the past and try and fix you, but she has some tools and techniques that she has learned. I was stuck, not seeing how I could move forward and succeed and she very gently calmed me down and within a couple of minutes of using her technique, she helped me to tap into what I would call my power center and re-experiencing a time when I was focused, confident and steady.

I was able to take that feeling and move forward in my career and life in ways that I previously had not achieved. I cannot recommend Nell Rose Phillips enough, so if you are looking for a good life coach you should check her out today!

~Mark Loftis